Saturday, February 8, 2014

Lord Ganesh wall hanging

Drawing idols is not one of my favorite but the amount of satisfaction which I get seeing it is out of the world.

I have done lot of pencil sketches of idols so this time I wanted to do a piece of art  with all grace and panache retaining divinity of course.

Why Ganesh ? - We always start with him -:)

Lord Ganesh in this picture was outlined with black and colored with glossy golden inside and a grey outer acrylic colors.. Satisfaction on seeing a idol comes to me only if the idol showers peace and charm. I wanted to cast a spell on this with sparkling rays coated with lot of bright colors. Yellow, red and blue I think is apt for depicting rays and color of sun I presume. I used Wooden sticks for the ray pattern and colored them.
This piece of art can be wall mounted and cost of this is $14.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rangoli on 4-sided Photo frame

Rangoli/Kolam as we call in my native language is a ancient art form depicting colored patterns. Rangoli is an Indian sand painted design often drawn out during times of Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. Rangoli can be any size and can use a wide variety of materials. How about a Rangoli pattern on a Photo frame?

Here you go .

A symmetrical and asymmetrical Rangoli pattern on a photo frame which has a flexibility of having more than one photo and as I always say they are not just photos they are memories. I have just tried here to make those memories more colorful.

This one here on this frame is the most famous design and it is a way of telling us life is a maniac and always look for twists & turns. There is a snake like design on the sides above the photo shell. There are beads attached on the top for easy access as this is not only a photo frame but a container too.

The borders are garnished with green and red colors which are considered kinda holy & divine and we use this colors for marriages and other functions. This will always grace any of our occasion.

Colors always plays important role in everybody’s life and culture and one can visualize or analyze one’s kind based on colors

My Colors and patterns will always be a projection of our classical antiquity.

This can be customized upon request and designs can also be unique and thematic.

Price of this box below with current design :$40 + Shipping

Red Treasure Chest Jewelry Box

World Known Fact - Women love Jewels
Unknown Fact - Women love jewelry boxes more than Jewels. 

I am from a place which is famous for language and arts. I always loved traditional paintings which symbolizes love and marriage. When I saw this jewelry box It appeared to me as a allegorical view of nature that provided a means for conveying various messages to contemporary viewers.

Marriages in India are always famous for its grandeur and aesthetics. Both the bride and groom will be decorated for this occasion(Yes decoration !!! You read it right). One of them is Mehndi. Vedic customs are centered around the idea of "awakening the inner light". Traditional Indian designs are of representations of the sun on the palm, which, in this context, is intended to represent the hands and feet

So coming to this jewelry box I have tried palm Mehndi design  on this entire chest box. The borders here are BAMBOCCIANTI version of our South Indian temples.
The box has a lock with a black metal ornate (Keys not required). Inner surface is lined with the Red color Foam sheets which I feel a safest option to keep jewels.

Colors Used :Yellow and Red

There is a dignified significance with both these colors when it comes to our Culture. Yellow signifies something auspicious and Red is holy . Jewels and Jewelry boxes are understandibly auspicious and grand as we always think " MORE OF THIS SHOULD COME".

This can be customized upon request and designs can also be unique and thematic.

Price of this box below with current design : $40 + Shipping

King's Procession on Birch Jewelry Box

The elephant is so majestic that it has been considered as a vehicle for kings.Along the historical path arrived  kings - of both Hindu and Mughal origin who would embrace the elephant as their chosen carriage. On occasions when they set out as monarchs to survey their kingdoms, they would actually set aside their horses and mount atop the backs of their elephants, which would seem spacious enough to accommodate even an elaborately decorated throne. The elephant would be the inevitable choice because its height but also its gait, which was slow and regal. Further, it afforded the king’s subjects to get a clear view of the ruler astride his elephant.

When I paint elephants I normally wants to emboss them with rich designs. Elephant paintings are not rare but painting on a Birch wood is something new to me which I have never tried.

To throw some light on Birch wood It belongs to Oak/beech family.  This tree is sometimes called "The Watchful Tree" because of eye-like impressions on the bark . This is one of the reasons I wanted to engrave this King on a elephant design on this wood. 

Garlands have their own religious significance and Kings of India had never let any one to sell garlands which were made for god. The borders of this Birch box are adorned  with garlands.

King on the Elephant and Garlands around the Birch are painted with brown golden acrylic colors.

Some of the saliant features of this box are the birch veneer is shaped into elegant nesting box set and  it features a wood button and elastic closure.

I normally gets ideas when I paint but rarely I tell fortunes.Here is a Fortune for this painting and Box:

This will be a perfect gift.

This can be customized upon request and designs can also be unique and thematic.

Price of this box below with current design : $25.99 + Shipping 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Designer Photo Frame for evergreen memories

I have a great admiration to Photo frames as it depicts memories. Memories are always nice to cherish as the Photos add lot of  meanings and Colors in everybody's life. I had always thought  why don't I make something that makes my Photo Frame COLORFUL and MEANINGFUL like my Photos.

So here it is . Feel Excited ?

Keep your excitement intact as there are more to come.

This is Hand painted and Hand Crafted on wood and as always my designs and colors on this too are creative and new.

It is painted with detailed Glittery Decorative sparkling colors.Colors used here are gold,silver &  black.

Choice of colors will always differ from person . Of course I don't love all colors which my husband loves.So to  add more charm and colors you  may want or need, just drop a line of special request and I will do my best to see it fits your wall decor or your room

This Design is also customizable as possible  So please share your imagination and let me see how I can join with you in the same imaginative cloud.

As this  photo Frame can be hung both Vertically and Horizontally on the wall. Design and colors can be both ways.

Price of this art as it looks here $23.99 + Shipping.